Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh Blueberries!!

So last night did not go as planned. I did not go to the gymbo. Instead I decided to go to the store to get fruit and veggies which I was out of.....hooray good for me right? Well kinda.....I also decided to make blueberry jalapeno jelly that turned out so delicious my roomie and I pulled a Joey(from friends) and ate a half jar of jelly! Whoops! However despite the fat kid moment and couch potato tendency(we watched a movie too, Book of Eli, very good) it was a really good night for my mental health. I haven't had much time with my roomie lately and it was nice to bitch and moan about life. Today has gone much better, I have yet to have a FKM(fat kid moment). I think I will make it out of my office without one if that damn tray of creme brule would quit calling my name.....just turn the music up a little louder and drink my strawberry lemonade sparking's just as delicious right? right???? So with a good morning/afternoon under my belt I have the best of intent to go work off a small part of my booty at the gym. Will she do it???? Tune in tomorrow to find out :)


  1. I love this!!!! You are inspiring! Way to go for a good morning/afternoon! :-)

  2. should i change the lock and leave your gym clothes outside the door.

  3. your coming with me! Also love your account name!