Friday, August 27, 2010

Hooray for Friday!

Oh man I am so glad it's Friday! After work I decided that even though it's Friday and I would love nothing other than heading home after work and vegging in front of the tv, I need to go to the gym so I can hit my 12 mile goal this week. I didn't go yesterday as intended because my belly was not happy with me and I figured adding more stress to it would not help. So I busted out 3 miles tonight leaving me a mere 6 to do tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow my roomie and I are getting out of town and gonna chill at the beach. I will need to do some serious beach walking so I can rack up some miles. Then Saturday night it's off to a 6 pack party for my friend Nichole's birthday. And Sunday I am meeting up with my fitness challenge buddy Katy to iron out all the details and get in a good work out......oh and we are starting a fitness book club too. Well really we are just going to read a book together.

Women, Food and God it was recomended to her, so we are gonna rock it Opra style and book club it up!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 down 9 to go!

I did it! Finally after almost a month of not working out I went today and annihilated 3 miles or it to me? Either way I am 1/4 of the way to my goal for this week. I also received some amazing encouragement and motivation tonight. My beautiful friend text out of the blue and asked if I wanted to set fitness goals and do a fitness challenge! Uh, yes! We are each setting our own goals as we are different people and not everything works the same for everyone. The consequence for not meeting the weekly goal is still to be determined. We are meeting on Sunday for a work out so she can show me some of her sweet strength training skills. I am really excited about this! My friend is an inspiration, over the last few years she has completely changed her lifestyle from not so healthy to lose 70lbs and have ripped arms healthy! She needs a trophy! I love that she wants to continue motivating herself and others. If anyone else would like to join in a fitness challenge, post your goals each week with us! I already set mine for this week, 12 miles. Not sure what Ms. ripped arms will choose when we meet on Sunday........oh right I will need a new one too!

New clothes are fun!

I was feeling a bit claustrophobic and stressed today, so on my lunch break I decided to go shopping at Target!!!!! I ate my carrots at my desk prior to my lunch and then my whole wheat english muffin and chicken salad when I got back. This was an amazing decision! Not only did it help with my attitude I also scored a cute new top and dress on the clearance rack. Oh and of course I bout a delicious Fountain Diet Coke from the food court area. It definitely brightened my day. I am currently eating three slices of hard salami, 15 grapes and ........yep you guessed it my target Diet Coke mmmmmm. My plan is to go to the gym as soon as I get home and do 2-3 miles so I can whittle down my 12 mile goal for this week. I really don't wanna get to Sunday and have to do 12 miles!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Goals!

So I realize that I have crazy schedule and things keep popping up and derailing me from my exercise goals. Therefore I am going to set them a little different. Instead of trying to meet daily goals, like 5 days a week or everyday this week, ect. I am setting X miles per week goals. This week I my goal is 12 miles. This is very attainable and will enable me to do catch up when i need too and not feel like a loser if I miss a day! I really feel like a positive attitude is the key in this. I am forcing myself to be happy no matter what, for which I have a million reasons to be. I tend to fall into a vicious cycle of being sad so I eat, then I feel like even more crap cause it will just make me fat! Ridiculous! Today was very stressful and I am focusing on being very aware of that, so when I go home I don't eat my feelings. Maybe some movie time with my estranged roomie and delicious (healthy) zucchini soup I made on Sunday will be just what the Dr. ordered!
Who wants to make some mile goals with me?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting Old!

So tomorrow is my 10 year high school reunion..........yeah crazy! I still feel 19. The fact that I am a mere 1.5 years away from 30 does not compute.....yeah I'm a robot. To really make things interesting I volunteered to help plan it thinking others would too. But alas this did not happen, another class mate Leizel and I were the only ones to do so. We did not know what we were in for! Our generation is one of non commitment, which means no one sends in RSVP or money. Believe it or no this makes it nearly impossible to plan a reunion. So the result is much frustration on Leizel and I's part along with a haphazardly thrown together picnic at Oxbow park tomorrow. Should be interesting.
On a more inspiring note I have been feeling really good the past few days! Wednesday I went to water aerobics, which yielded 50min of a pretty darned good work out.....I can still feel it in my abs today. As far as food goes I am feeling way more in control of my choices, I don't feel like the fat kid monster has taken over and shoved a ton of food in my mouth to leave me feeling bloated and sad. I also made zucchini bread last night and did not eat half of the loaf. In fact I only ate one slice.......I had to make sure it tasted good right?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In dedication to Hoho!

So I haven't blogged in awhile. The past three weeks have been long, stressful and sad. My grandma Mrs. Helen "Hoho" Hall passed 08/05/2010 after a long struggle with emphysema. I already miss her terribly, but am glad to know she is now in heaven with a perfect body dancing the polka. Stress is bad news for me because I use it as an excuse to eat everything I see. I'm sure I have gained at least 5lbs in the last three weeks :( But I am still committed to getting healthy. I love how inspiring small things can be. I ran into an amazing web site and blog this morning that I really recommend for others to read and her blog . She has good recipes and fitness goals on her blog and the web site is a good way to love and encourage friends and complete strangers.......and maybe even yourself! I really want to focus on getting at least 30 min of exercise everyday this week. My body also would really like it if I would focus on fruits and veggies I will. But I may still need an occasional meatloaf today for lunch....mmmmmmm. I really love new tips and tricks on batteling weight and self image so if you have some good ones please send them my way. I also would like to thank everyone for the support and love sent my way, I may not always say it or show it, so I will now.