Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New clothes are fun!

I was feeling a bit claustrophobic and stressed today, so on my lunch break I decided to go shopping at Target!!!!! I ate my carrots at my desk prior to my lunch and then my whole wheat english muffin and chicken salad when I got back. This was an amazing decision! Not only did it help with my attitude I also scored a cute new top and dress on the clearance rack. Oh and of course I bout a delicious Fountain Diet Coke from the food court area. It definitely brightened my day. I am currently eating three slices of hard salami, 15 grapes and ........yep you guessed it my target Diet Coke mmmmmm. My plan is to go to the gym as soon as I get home and do 2-3 miles so I can whittle down my 12 mile goal for this week. I really don't wanna get to Sunday and have to do 12 miles!

1 comment:

  1. a break in the day is always the best for attitudes :) enjoy your delicious fountain diet coke!