Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Goals!

So I realize that I have crazy schedule and things keep popping up and derailing me from my exercise goals. Therefore I am going to set them a little different. Instead of trying to meet daily goals, like 5 days a week or everyday this week, ect. I am setting X miles per week goals. This week I my goal is 12 miles. This is very attainable and will enable me to do catch up when i need too and not feel like a loser if I miss a day! I really feel like a positive attitude is the key in this. I am forcing myself to be happy no matter what, for which I have a million reasons to be. I tend to fall into a vicious cycle of being sad so I eat, then I feel like even more crap cause it will just make me fat! Ridiculous! Today was very stressful and I am focusing on being very aware of that, so when I go home I don't eat my feelings. Maybe some movie time with my estranged roomie and delicious (healthy) zucchini soup I made on Sunday will be just what the Dr. ordered!
Who wants to make some mile goals with me?


  1. I have the goal of completing the Couch to 5k podcasts--you walk/run 3x a week. I just started week 1 and I am trying to make myself stick to it even though my legs are freaking tired and it is freaking cold. I'll stick to my goal if you stick to yours!

  2. Oops. I couldn't remember which account I've been signing in with!