Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting Old!

So tomorrow is my 10 year high school reunion..........yeah crazy! I still feel 19. The fact that I am a mere 1.5 years away from 30 does not compute.....yeah I'm a robot. To really make things interesting I volunteered to help plan it thinking others would too. But alas this did not happen, another class mate Leizel and I were the only ones to do so. We did not know what we were in for! Our generation is one of non commitment, which means no one sends in RSVP or money. Believe it or no this makes it nearly impossible to plan a reunion. So the result is much frustration on Leizel and I's part along with a haphazardly thrown together picnic at Oxbow park tomorrow. Should be interesting.
On a more inspiring note I have been feeling really good the past few days! Wednesday I went to water aerobics, which yielded 50min of a pretty darned good work out.....I can still feel it in my abs today. As far as food goes I am feeling way more in control of my choices, I don't feel like the fat kid monster has taken over and shoved a ton of food in my mouth to leave me feeling bloated and sad. I also made zucchini bread last night and did not eat half of the loaf. In fact I only ate one slice.......I had to make sure it tasted good right?


  1. My 10 year class reunion was so disorganized that it took us 2 years to make it happen. Good Luck!

  2. Pep, the people that do show up will have an awesome time and be grateful to you for giving them the opportunity to catch up and be happy. If anyone doesn't make it it's their loss!

    Good on ya for going to water aerobics. I'm going to start going to the pool every morning with my friend Mel. Tomorrow's our first day. We're going to try to go every day for 2 weeks. Do you want to jump on that bandwagon with us?

  3. Yes I would love to jump on your bandwagon.......can I shoot for 5 days out of the week......ah heck I'll go for broke and go the full week! Did you see the fat kid trying to weasel out!?!?!?

  4. I went to the pool today even though my arms were limp like noodles. I could barely lift them out of the water. Come on baby, you can go the full week too!

    Nice work on the reunion btw. I just looked at a heap of pictures. It seems like everyone was wicked happy.

  5. Ha ha ha! My captcha for that last comment was "wussy reed". So appropriate!