Friday, August 27, 2010

Hooray for Friday!

Oh man I am so glad it's Friday! After work I decided that even though it's Friday and I would love nothing other than heading home after work and vegging in front of the tv, I need to go to the gym so I can hit my 12 mile goal this week. I didn't go yesterday as intended because my belly was not happy with me and I figured adding more stress to it would not help. So I busted out 3 miles tonight leaving me a mere 6 to do tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow my roomie and I are getting out of town and gonna chill at the beach. I will need to do some serious beach walking so I can rack up some miles. Then Saturday night it's off to a 6 pack party for my friend Nichole's birthday. And Sunday I am meeting up with my fitness challenge buddy Katy to iron out all the details and get in a good work out......oh and we are starting a fitness book club too. Well really we are just going to read a book together.

Women, Food and God it was recomended to her, so we are gonna rock it Opra style and book club it up!

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  1. Congrats Steph! You rock :) Maybe I will do a blog as well about my weight struggles/loss :)