Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So this weekend was full of wine, food, smoke and freezing my butt off. I had an amazing time camping with my friends Kelly and George, their little ones and Kelly's parents. I thoroughly enjoyed being lazy and read two magazines and took one nap......AMAZING!!!! However the magazine reading and napping did not help in making my 13 mile goal. The relaxation time was good, I needed it, but......I did learn a few things this week. I don't always have to say yes to every invite, this is what derailed my goal attainment. I need to focus on what is important to me. I love hanging out and seeing all my beautiful friends, I just need to limit it to a few hours or only a few times a week. With this in play I will have plenty of time for working out. So my goals this week are the same as last 13 miles and 2 strength sessions. I will do it!!!!! I am already off to a good start did 3.5 miles tonight! Ok I am wicked tired so it is a shorty tonight. I promise pictures will come......tomorrow??????

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