Friday, September 10, 2010

Kickin Ass!

Yesterday and today I have been feeling poopy. I was not motivated to work out last night and had two good workouts under my belt this week so I skipped. It was nice to lie on the couch and watch McGruber with my roomie Heather as she had just purchased it. It was super funny! I recommend it. Still not feeling well even after the hilarity of Mr. Will Forte, I went to bed at 9pm, hoping the good amount of sleep would ensure a beautiful morning. Wrong! With the poopy feeling still hanging over me I decided to play responsible hooky and sleep an extra hour so I would only miss an hour of work and not miss the whole day. One of the reasons I love my job is because I can do this. At my old job if you missed an hour you might as well just call in for the whole day! Lame! Now the task at hand is to convince myself that my urban hike scheduled with my friend Kelly will help me feel better. I know it will….the fresh air…..getting my body moving…….maybe some wine after. Yeah this could be good. So 3.5 miles tonight with Kelly, more urban hiking with Katy tomorrow morning and yoga on Sunday, I’m totally going to kick my goals ass this week!

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